SEO- Search Engine Optimization

in search engine optimization  if you want to learn how Search Engin Optimization works , checks our guide , it’s not the complicated

types of search engin optimization

search engin optimization have commonly three types you can understand with  best our tricks. these three types are

1. on-page seo           2. off-page seo       3.technical seo

after undestand these three types user will be able to rank its webpage or website

on- page seo

on-page seo relates to the content of your website. on-page seo is fully controlled by your hand for example content , webpage speed, user experience etc..

on-page seo factors

on-page seo consists of the following factors these important factors play an important role to optimize your website or webpage.

1. website should be crawlable.                  2. well tageted content

3. user friendly urls.                                        4. keyword optimiztion

5. website optimization                                  6. https (hypertext transpose protocole secure)

7. image optimization                                      8. readibility and user experience

9. mobile friendliness                                     10. quality outbound links

11. website structure                                      12. keyword

on-page seo primary keywords

1. title                              2. description.             3. h1 tag

title and description are direct ranking factors .

off-page seo

in search engine optimization off-page seo does not relate to the content of your website. offf-page seo help srengthen the influence of your website has with other website. off-page seo, about among other things,like link building , social media and local seo.

non-link related off-page seo

  1. social media marketing
  2. guest blogging
  3. linked and un-linked brand mention
  4. influencer marketing


technical seo

SEO-search engine optimization

in search engine optimization technical seo also does not relate to the content of your website e.g webpage speed, h1 tag technical seo refers to the process of optimizing  your website for the crawling and indexing phase, with technical seo, you can help search engines access, crawl interpret and  index your website without any problem.

search engine work through three primary function.

  1. Crawling:scoure the internet for content looking over the code/content for each URL they find
  2. indexing: store and organize the content founding during the crawling process once the page is in the index, it’s in the running to be displayed as a result to relevant queries.
  3. ranking: provide the pieces of content that will a best answer of searchers query,which means best results are orderd by most relevant to least relevant

crawling is the discovery process in which search engine send out a team as robots ( known as crawlers or spiders) to find new and updated content ,content can vary—— it could be a webpage , an image , a video ,a PDF,etc but regardless of the formate, content is discovered by links.

search engine crawling

googlebot starts out by fetching a few webpages, and then follows the links of that pages to new hopping along this path of links,the crawler is able to find to new content and add it to their index called Caffine a masive database of discovered URLs. to later be retrievedwhen a searcher is seeking information that the content on that URLis good mmatch for.

how is search engin index?

search engine process and store information they find in an index, huge database of all the content,they have discovered and deem good enough to  search up to searchers.

search engine optimization when some one perform a search search engine scoure the index for highly relevant content and order that content in the hope of solving the searchers query.this ordering of search results be relevance is known as general you can assume that the higher the website is ranked, the more relevant the search engine beleives that site is to the query.

it is possible to block search engine crawlers from part or all of your sites, or instruct search engines  to avoid storing cetain pages in their index. 

SEO-search engine optimization
SEO-search engine optimization
SEO-search engine optimization
  1. seo target quality traffic one of the biggest advantage of seo is that it is an inbound strategy.
  2. you don’t need to pay for ads in seo
  3. seo gets more clicks than PPC
  4. you can move ahead of the competetion
  5. reporting and analysis. 
you may also search for

backlinks are the links from a page on one website to another .if someone links to your site, then you have a backlinks from them.if you link another website then they have a backlink from you.

  1. analyse your current backlink profile
  2. ask your friends about backlinks
  3. repurpose your content 
  4. appear as a guest on podcast
  5. write high value comment on websites
  6. use your social media profiles
  7. be inspired by your competitors

step 1: navigate to link explorer

step 2: enter your competitors URL

step 3: export backlink data into…..

step 4: compile backlinks

step 5:sort all backlinks to page authority


you can easily submit there and get good quality dofollow backlinks because the above mentioned website do not charge any submission . if you also know any free qauality dofollow links website ,please let us know at team

why are backlinks important?backlinks are especially valubale  for seobeacuse they reprsent the ” vote of confidence” from one website to another website. if many sites link to the same webpage or websites search engine can infer that content is woorth linking to and therefore also worth surfacing on a SERP.

bounce rate is a way to measuring the number of people who left your page after viewing the only one page of your website, while the goal behind the metric is to give ou an indicator for which pages on your website fail to draw in visitors i find that bounce rate is a terrible indicator for success for a company.

whta are canonical tags?

if you have same or similar content available under different URLs you can use canonical tags to specify which version is same one ,should be indexed this is the proper URL to indentify canonical tags 

<link rel=”canonical”href=””/>

use one canonical tag per page,the canonical tag is a page level meta tag taht is placed in the HTML header of a webpage.


how to use canonical tags properly - HashStack Technology
  1. decide which page you want to be your prefered URL. this should be the version you think is the most important . if you don’t care,pick the one with the most links or visitors,and if all else is equal , just pick one.
  2. there are many plugins available to apply canonical tags if you are using a CMS such as wordpress or magneto,however ,if you are going straight to the code you will need to add the following to thesection to the initial pages,not you prefered pages.                           this is indicsates that this is a preffered URL for users who want to access your hats pages and will tell search engines that you would like them to show your page ver your other similar hats with anyone search engine related google specifically stated that “we attempt to this (canonical tags )but this cannot gurantee in all cases”.
canonical tag example
canonical tag example
canonical tag example
canonical tag example
what is pogo-sticking? hashstack technology

to understand pogostand it is necessary to understand difference between pogoticking and bounce rate


pogo-sticking occurs when a user perform a research ,clicks oon a result,very quickly click back to the result search page, and clicks on a different result this type of behaviour is a direct rsult of dissatisfaction in the research result and unlike a bounce rate——— pogo-sticking is a bad thing.

bounce rate

bounce rate is defined as”the percentage of visitors that visit  a single page on a website.a high bounce rate is not always bad; as it can mean that the visitors did not travel deeper into the website,he did spend some time on the page and get an answer to the question, he may have bookmarked the page or shared it on facebook,but since he did not read it more.


what is sitemap?

site map is the most important factor of search engine optimization site map tells the complete structure of our website to the crawler there are two types of google search console      1. xml sitemap                    2. html sitemap

xml sitemap

an xml site map is the special document  which lists all pages on a website to provide search engine with an overview of all the available content .it’s strongly recomended to implement an xml sitemap.

xml sitemap help the search engine an spider discover the pages on your website. these sitemaps gives search engins a website URL’s  and offer data a complete map of all pages of a website. this help search engine prioritize that they will crawl.

an xml sitemap is a file that listsall of your website content in an xml farmat,so search engine like google can easily discover and idex your conent.

html sitemap

html sitemap is a file that lists all the important pages of your websites that you want search engines like google and bing to index.indexing refers to how search engines gather your landing pages and store them in their data base the search engines refer to his database to respond to user search engine queries.

html sitemap
xml sitemap
html sitemap
html sitemap

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